Talamanca is a village of Bages, located 552 m above sea level in the middle of the Sierra de Rossinyol, the BV-1221 road Terrassa to Navarcles .

Its small core of cobbled streets and picturesque corners has several good views in all directions, thanks to its unique elevated position. Situated at the tip of the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt and Obac, is an excellent starting point for excursions and hikes that will enjoy the significant natural heritage around Talamanca.

Although found remains of an Iberian settlement, the first documented news of Talamanca is the year 960, when Count Hall, founder of the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages, he donated some land and houses in the term castle Talamanca, central point, along with the church of Santa Maria, around which farmers seeking military and spiritual protection of these buildings were installed. The church was first mentioned in the year 1038 The space between these two buildings constituted undoubtedly the first inhabited center of Talamanca.

In the late twelfth century feudal castle Talamanca domain passed to the Talamanca ancestry present throughout the Middle Ages, which began with Bernat de Talamanca and his wife Dolça. This family, lords and masters for centuries the term, established relationships with other nobles of the area, which also sometimes clashed. So it was with Guillem de Calders, a character with whom he had violent disputes Berenguer de Talamanca, which we can still admire the sarcophagus inside the church of Santa Maria. Finally, due to the financial problems of the Calders family, much of the Talamanca heritage remained, including Calders Castle.

With the crisis of feudalism in the mid-fourteenth century, and the ravages of the various epidemics of plague, begins the decline of Talamanca. After marrying into different noble families of Catalonia, finally, in the eighteenth century, the castle and the title passed to the Marquis of Castellbell.