Tines de la Vall del Flequer

Vegetation in recovery. Damaged forest by wildfire.

The Tines de la Vall del Flequer, located on the banks of the Flequer torrent in the municipality of Pont de Vilomara i Roquefort, are a valuable rural heritage and an exceptional legacy of the time of the gold rush of the vineyard in Bages.

Between 1860 and 1890 Bages was the region with the most vineyards in Catalonia (up to 27,700 hectares). When the phylloxera plague ravaged the French vineyard from 1860 onwards, the demand for wines skyrocketed, prices multiplied and caused the farmers of Bages to plant vineyards even in the mountains to take advantage of the moment. That’s when a new landscape structured in dry stone beams and vineyard huts was born.

From this period of splendor, the unique heritage of the vats at the foot of the vineyard remains and the vats located in the Flequer valley are one of the jewels of the most important ethnological heritage in Catalonia.

The Tines de la Vall del Flequer are arranged in small groups where the farmers of the area poured the grapes to press it and then deposit it in vats located at a lower level for fermentation. You will be amazed by its architecture and state of conservation. The walls of these constructions were made of stoneware, a rock that due to the conditions in which it was formed here usually appears with flat shapes, of different thicknesses and that have been extensively used directly both for the construction of tubs and huts. and dry stone walls.

Since 2018, the art of dry stone is considered an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.